Inglewood 2015
What a beauty! Arrived Friday night and set up camp with a few of the lads and lasses from the club. Dusty was the word used a fair bit but the mood in the camp was brilliant. Night was a beautiful 12 degrees which was just perfect for a fire and few beers (just to wash away the dust). Early(ish) night and then off to bed.

Woke to a very full campground. One rider said he saw people coming in at 3 am ... Riders briefing stated 36 kms for the Saturday loop and 40 kms for the Sunday loop... We thought 'No Worries - a quick squirt, Lunch and then a second squirt' should just about do us. The track was actually quite technical with every imaginable rock to be negotiated. The first 4 kms was a creek run on loose river pebble which was fine once you got the hang of it, stood up, lent back and gave it some gas.

Next big obstacle was "The Gully". Nice long hill climb which took most of us 2 go's to get to the top...We then meandered around tight creek beds, a few smaller hills and patches of never ending sand to the finish ... It took way longer than we had planned as it was so technical but it was a great ride and came off it feeling like we had achieve something ... BTW Don't put the air filter of a Freeride in the wrong way cause they hate creek crossings ... Hey Kev !

Poured Sunday so we went home ..... :-)
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