With Saturday's rain expected to reduce the dust factor, I was quite looking forward to heading out to Lockyer Forest Reserve for a morning's ride with Dan on Sunday. We'd been through the area a fortnight earlier and had intended to return and explore a few of the trails we'd seen leading off from the main track.

The riding conditions were excellent as we made our way down the range. Once we'd reached the bottom of the main descent, and crossed through a few dry creek beds, we detoured along a track off to the right and spent a few minutes on some small hillclimbs. Back on the main track again, we followed it down to the carpark area on the left (just before the grid) and went in to check out an old motocross track (of sorts) that I'd been told about a while ago. After spending a bit of time there, we followed a track on the opposite side of the road to the carpark which seemed to go nowhere in particular and was mostly deep sand and rather difficult going.

Turning around we started heading back up towards Seventeen Mile Road, exploring a couple of other tracks along the way, most of these turned out deadends or ended at gates. Then I led us along a track off to the left, and not far from the small hillclimbs we'd been riding before, which seem to head up a fairly steep hill. After reaching the top of this we stopped for a bit of a rest and considered our options. The track was very rocky and narrow but seemed to level out a bit (as far as we could see) and looped around another hill in front of us so we decided to continue on and see where it led. .

Shortly after rounding the next hill the tracked descended for a fair distance (quite steeply) into a gully with a creek bed at the bottom. I remember thinking at the time I was riding down that I hope we'd get back out by continuing to follow this trail as I was quite sure there was no way I'd ever be able to get back up the last hill. We then made our way up another bloody steep hill followed by yet another gully and this is how we progressed for a while. Eventually we stopped at the bottom of a particularly steep descent and, with me getting low on gas, decided to walk the next hill and see if we could see a way out of here. It was decided we really had little choice but to try and head back the way we'd come.

We spent the next hour or so riding, pushing and dragging our bikes up them thar hills. Each of us, in turn, showcasing the various ways possible to dismount a motorcycle whilst hillclimbing. Deadset, it made the Crusty Demons look like a mob of Shielas. Anyway, eventually the road to freedom appeared before us. Words cannot adequately describe our relief in being able to use 3rd, 4th and 5th gear and to feel the wind in our faces once more. We headed back to the cars without incident. I arrived there with about four kilometres worth of petrol left in my tank. The ride, which we had started four hours earlier, had been about 74 kilometres in length.

I'm expecting to be full recovered by about Tuesday week.

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