On Sunday the 16/09/07 David, James, Harry and Morgan Wagner attended the Jimbour trail ride. We arrived at about 8.30am in time for riders briefing. The trails consisted of two open loops, one 60 kilometres in length and the other 30 kilometres. We rode the 60 kilometre loop in the morning. The track consisted of a variety of terrain from open to tight rocky areas.

The boys enjoyed the sandy sections through the pine trees. Due to some overnight rain the dust was almost non existent. After lunch we rode the 30 kilometre loop which involved a lot of creek gully riding with some nice jumps on offer. Morgan decided to call it a day at this stage so his brothers went out and rode the 20 kilometre novice loop while I went out and rode the 60 kilometre loop. The loop was a bit more fun this time as I could go a little faster and there were less people about.

Chris Tompson, Matty Tompson and Chris’s friend Nev also attended the ride and had a fun day. Chris and Nev were racing each other at one stage and both ended up on the ground.

David Wagner.
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