Killarney Boarder Ranges Trail Ride 24-25 Mar 2012
Yet again....Killarney Trail Ride fullfilled all expectations as "one not to miss" on the calander.  Not exactly sure on the numbers but seemed to be down on last year.  The track had a significant amount of rain the week prior which I anticipated the ride may have been called off, however was a good call by the organisers to proceed.  Saturdays course was approximately 37km and Sunday was 60km.  The first 4-5 kms was the standard corrogations that eventually ended up with arm pump and numb hands.

My trusty steed (Yammy WR450) was at home in pieces so Kevvy Gloss from Toowoomba Honda introduced me to a CRF450x for the first time.  I guess I am now compelled to "go red" you better put one aside for me Kev.

The rain and black soil made conditions extremely slippery with a lot of off camber terrain and logs potentially causing some major hazards which some had fallen victim too by getting a free helicopter ride to hospital with the Care Flight 412 helicopter with one patient being airlifted from the vicinity of the main camp grounds Saturday night.  The course was certailnly not a place to be if you are just starting out of not an above average rider.  This was evident resulting in a couple of major bottle necks on both days with a wait for up to 90 minutes.  Listening to the riders already ahead of me sounded like a chain saw massacre painting a picture of total carnage ahead.  Once I had my turn to negotiate the "problem area" I found it to be just a slippery section with a couple of ruts which simply required a little momentum and not too much on the gas to break traction.  Got through OK with some serious slipping and sliding but was a hand full all the same.

After last years wet and muddy ride I decided to bring along my trusty pressure cleaner which proved to be priceless over the weekend.  Even scored a beer from an envious on looking fellow rider who wanted to use my gear...

In one location...I just could't resist it...but one of the lady volunteers was positioned perfectly at a bog hole for a good old fashioned roosting!!! so I spray painted her nice clean dayglo vest with good ol'e Killarney mud...  Sorry!! :) 

Saturday night was the Enduro Cross which generates a lot interest watching man and machine thrash their way around the course. 

Over all....a great weekend.  Maybe opening the track much earlier would reduce the conjestion and may even get a chance to have a second crack at it...a really great ride.

I'll be back again next year!!

by Tony Connolly

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