On the weekend of the 14th and 15th of April a number of club members attended rounds 1 and 2 of the Yamaha SE Qld Offroad Championships at Gordon Country Goomburra. The weather on Saturday was not to bad with some brief showers. Saturdays event was run as across country with the first race starting at 9.00am and going for 2 hours. The track was very well laid out but the going was tricky during the rain as the ground was hard packed and slippery. There were many logs and off camber sections. The second race for the junior riders started at approx 11.30am and ran for 1.5 hours. The juniors only rode half of the course to make it easier on the 50cc and 65cc riders. The 3rd race for the day was for the Pro and Expert riders. The lead battle was very close and generated much excitment as they came through the start finish area. This race ran for 2.5 hours and used the full course which was approx a 25 minute lap for these riders.
Sundays races were a sprint format where only one lap at a time was done. The weather was perfect and the track was great fun for all.

The next event in this series will be run by the TMCC on the 18th of August at Crows Nest.

The following members rode at the event.
Harry Wagner
Morgan Wagner
David Wagner (sweep)
Martyn Brown
Kieran Brown
Zeke Klibbe
David Shearing
Joshua Shearing
Hamish Choice
Mitch King
Charlie Ruhle
David Ruhle
Will Choice
Howard Cox

Report by Dave Wagner

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