Trail Rider Register Software


Rider register is an easy to use program that allows you to confidently and accurately account for riders. The Murphys Creek Trail Ride was the first event in the Dalby Moto Trail Ride series to use the bar coding system to account for all riders on the track. Previously, a time consuming and labour intensive process was used using a pen and paper and white board to record the details. This method proved to be subject to human error. It can now be done with just one/two people and a lap top. At the end of the day are you 100% confident that you have accounted for all the riders on the track?? The organisers of the event have a duty of care responsibility and by managing the risk and negating the likely hood of leaving an injured or lost rider in the bush is considered HIGH.


TMCC has since improved on this system and have developed a transportable method to assist other events that participate in non-competitive rides and is now available for hire for your event. The system has been tried and proven with 100% accuracy. The package will include the required number of security HIGH-VIZ wrist bands for all Rider types (OPEN, NOVICE, PEEWEE, SWEEPS and GUARDIAN) with your event details and an individual barcode and a TMCC club member to operate the system. The program does not cater for the Peewee riders but are issued with a wrist band as proof of payment. Helmet stickers are no longer required as the 25mm wide, COLOUR CODED, tamper proof security wrist bands can be identified in the far distance.

HOW IT WORKS Using a barcode scanner, the program records the barcode tag which is attached to the wrist of the rider or by manual entry using the key board (backup entry). Once scanned, the riders number is recorded along with category, date and time he/she has departed and commences a lapsed time to show how long they have been out on the track. When the rider returns the barcode is scanned again recording the riders details again removing them off the system.

OTHER FUNCTIONS Rider Count: At a glance you can see how many riders are out on the track. This is helpful when the sweeps depart to clear the track and know how many riders to look out for.

RIDER SEARCH You can search for a specific rider by entering his/her number.

VOID RIDER Should a rider be prohibited to enter the track, you can enter those details and should he/she try to enter the course a FLAGGED message will appear alerting the operator.

REMOTE VIEWING MONITOR A remote viewing monitor is located in a position that the rider and operator can view and displays instruction with and auditable sound when he/she is scanned.

END OF DAY PRINT OUT REPORT At the end of the day you have the option of printing out the days activity.

MANUAL INPUT If in the event the scanner becomes unservicable, You can enter the riders numbers manually.

AUDITABLE/VISUAL WARNING The operator does not need to view the monitor as he/she can hear the auditable tone as the barcode is scanned.

COST For as little as 0.90 cents per rider we can provide you a hassle free service and peace of mind to mitigate against a lost rider. This includes a variety of 4 HI-VIZ 25mm wide (RED, BLUE, PINK, YELLOW) security wrist bands complete with printed barcodes and members from the TMCC to operate the system. For more information about our system please contact us.

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