TMCC Camping & Families

Camping at TMCC is one of the best features of our club, after having a great day riding on the tracks, there is nothing better than sitting around the fire with your friends.
We do allow fires in the camping area in the designated fire pits, and only when there are no current fire bans. You can bring your own brazers. Wood can be collected from around the camp area, please do not go walking through the trails to collect as bikes are riding around.

Please manage your own rubbish when camping, you can drop it off at the industrial bins.
While there are some bins located around the grounds, these are emptied infrequently by volunteers, and fill quickly, so we ask for you to drop off your own rubbish as you leave TMCC. Please feel free to empty the small wheelie bins into the industrial bins for us.

Tidy Up
While camping at TMCC, it is a requirement that you keep your camp site clean and clear of any dangerous equipment.
We have quite a few people camping at the club over weekends and holidays, so please be respectful of other campers and their area.

There is an amenities block located next to the club house and are open and available to members at all times. A push button timer to activate the lights is next to the hand wash & mirror to the building.
Please ensure when using the toilets and Amenities block, you keep it clean and respect other club members. If you make a mess, clean it up. A hose is available for cleaning the floors if needed.
If the hot water runs out or the water tank is empty, please advise the committee via email at or through the club Facebook page so we can get it fixed.

TMCC Family Information

If you are a family of riders and you have joined TMCC then you will love it!

Kids Training
We hold regular training sessions for children from beginners to advanced, so your Child can grow and develop in the club at a rate that suits you and your family.
Our Trainers are qualified coaches and are there to help and assist you and your child, but please remember they are volunteers and offering their time freely, so please be considerate when participating in Training days and events.

Please ensure your children are always supervised, know where they are at all times, and we encourage 2 way radios for the more independent kids, so they can contact you if they get in trouble or use riding buddies and ride in groups.

In the case of an emergency, please contact “000” and call for an ambulance if required.
There is no set recovery of equipment (Bikes) please be mindful of weather conditions as you may have a long walk back to self recovery. We maybe able to assist if available but this is not a guarantee. Try us on the club Facebook page if you get stuck.
If it rains heavy, the tracks will become very stick and the clay could chock your wheels.

Kids get excited, but please ensure your children follow the club rules at all times. Ensure they never ride alone, obey the speed restrictions around the club house and camping grounds, and always wear their safety gear.
The camping grounds are not a riding track, nor is the main road. Please ensure that your kids ride on the tracks provided and not through or around the camping grounds unless travelling to and from a track.
*Family membership does not include children over 18*

The more you put into the club, the more you get out of it.
Please feel free to bring a whipper snipper down and do some minor trimming around the club grounds if you think it is needed. Contact us on the Facebook page or email at to let us know prior.
We have a volunteering system that will work towards your next membership as a discount, and as you spend more time with the club members you will grow to become part of a family of people with a common interest and a true passion for the sport.
Your kids will get to experience what its like to be part of and working within a group for a common goal, while having a tonne of fun.