TMCC Membership is the most inexpensive and value for money around, with camping, riding and club training days included

TMCC Membership

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TMCC Normal Membership Fees

TMCC Normal Membership Fees:
Single $196 inc GST
Family $266 inc GST

TMCC Year Plus Membership Fees 

Single $299 inc GST
Family $399 inc GST
*Includes remainder of this membership period up to 31 March and the next 12 month membership period.

Day Pass

No Camping Day Pass only (daylight hours on that day) $55 inc GST
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Membership Terms

Family membership is for family members that are on the same Medicare Card i.e. Mum, Dad and dependent children.
Defacto relationships and adopted dependents are considered even when not on the same Medicare card. Please contact the Management committee for clarifications.
Checks will be conducted regularly on membership applications.

*Family membership does not include children over 18*
Children that are over 18 are required to have their own membership, if your child turns 18 and you are already a member from the year previous, then they will need to obtain their own membership.

Membership runs from the 1st of April to 31st March regardless of when you join

Membership Q & A

Common Questions
How many terms and conditions are there?
Really there are 3.
1. TMCC Code Of Conduct Video
2. TMCC Membership Terms and Conditions
3. MQ (Motorcycling Queensland) Code Of Conduct

The first you agree to at the beginning of the signup process, the second is done during sign up for primary members, and other family members have to go into the members portal and agree in order for their membership to be active.
The MQ version is on the email sent out after member signup.

Once a member do I have to have my card with me?
We ask that you print a copy of your family Dash Licence and keep it in your car when riding at TMCC. If you are asked for proof of membership, you can then show this Dash Licence or your Member Card.
You can save your Member Card on your phone as an icon and pull it up if needed as well. You do need your vehicle rego recorded on your profile as we do check these and report non members to the police as trespassing.

Why do you need my photo?
We require a photo that clearly shows your face for the Membership ID cards.
Because of the issues we have had in the past with identifying non Members riding at TMCC, the Member ID cards will enable us to quickly and easly identify active members.

My Picture is not the right way around?
Thats fine!
Once you join, you will have access to the members portal where you can turn your image to be the right way up.

I forgot to add family members during signup
Once you complete the members signup, you will be able to add more family members in the members portal. Please note, each time you add a family member admin gets notified, so ensure that you are only adding ligitimate family members.

Who is allowed to be on my family membership?
Only family members that are directly related to you, ie partner and children.
Defacto relationships are accepted
Once a child turns 18 they are no longer able to be on your family membership.
Grandparents or other relatives cannot be on your family membership.
If you are in doubt please contact TMCC.

NOTE: there can only be 2 parents on any family membership and the ruling is that family members have to be on your medicare card. If you have a situation where they are not, please contact TMCC for your options.

Do I need to have a Paypal Login to Pay?
No, Paypal allows for you to make a once of credit card payment, when the Paypal window opens during signup, scroll down and you will see and area for non Paypal members to pay.

I cannot open the Dash Licence or Card from the email?
Becuase of the need for security, we have had some minor issues with opening the Dash Licence from the email sent during signup.
If you experience this, simply login to the members portal and open the print the dash licence from there.

What is a Dash Licence?
The Dash Licence is a print out from the Members Portal that you need to print and put on the dash board of your car so that it can be easily seen.
The purpose of the Dash Licence is to help TMCC committee members and helpers identify active members from non members.

Why Does My Membership Say Pending?
This can be for several reasons
1. You have not agreed to the Terms and Conditions in the Members Portal
2. You have not uploaded a photo into the Members Portal
3. You have joined for a period that has yet to start. For example if you sign up in December, then you membership will not become active until January when the period begins.

Membership Status, What Do They Mean?
Upcoming - This means your membership is for the next period that has not begun.
Pending - This means your membership is missing something, T & C or Photo.
Expired - This means your membership has expired and is no longer current.
Active - This is an active membership and all information has been completed.

Why Is My Family Members Not Active?
If you have a family membership, then you need to login to the members portal and get each of your family members to agree to the Terms and Conditions. This is part of TMCC membership requirements.

I cannot Login?
The members portal login is case sensitive, so make sure you enter the username and password exactly as it was sent to you on the signup email.
The easiest way to do this is to copy and paste.
You must tick the I'm not a robot box to login as well.
If you get it wrong 3 times in a row the site will lock you out, to reset it, close all of your browser windows, wait a few seconds, reopen and try again.

Why do I have to tick "I'm to a robot" when logging in?
This is a special security check that Google developers can use to lock down website logins. This feature stops website hacking and Password cracking engines. Google does monitor some of your online activity and knows who you are most of the time before you get to the website. Hackers are automatically blocked.

Sometimes you may get asked a question when you tick the box, this is because google was unsure of who you are and looks for human behaviour to validate.
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